ATSurround Processor 1.01
  Last update: 20 Apr 2010 | License: Freeware | Size: 728KB | Downloads: 57957
ATSurround Processor makes sure that surround information joining your music files is rendered correctly and you enjoy an excellent audition.


This DSP plugin can be used with Winamp and foobar2000.

It extracts surround information by performing audio matrix decoding and it allows you to use your 5.1 system to the max.

In order to use ATSurround Processor properly, you need multichannel output soundcard and speakers.

If you have the hardware required for matrix decoding (the process of extracting surround channels and routing them to the appropriate speaker), you only have to install the proper software to your computer, and that is ATSurround Processor.

This application comes with a headphone mode, which offers you great sound quality, as if you were listening music from a 5 point surround system. A better quality of the music you are listening in your headphones means less listening fatigue.

ATSurround Processor can work the other way around, too, and perform matrix encoding. Multichannel audio is transformed into stereo and thus it can be distributed to any 2 channel medium.
The main features of ATSurround Processor are: compatibility with Dolby or similar processors, bass redirection for discrete 5.1 satellite systems, making full use of the 5.1 speaker systems, surround channel delay, channel amplitude trim, converting multichannel audio into surround encoded stereo audio, and the headphone mode.

ATSurround Processor is a must for anyone wanting to enjoy their 5.1 audio system at full capacity. This compact plugin will offer you amazing sound quality, even when you are using headphones.

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