madFLAC 1.10
  Last update: 4 Jan 2011 | License: Freeware | Size: 375KB | Downloads: 593467
madFLAC is serving as a DirectShow decoder filter for FLAC files.


Not only does it support external standalone FLAC files, but it is also able to manage FLAC tracks found in other containers, such as MKV (Matroska) files.

FLAC files are a lossless compression audio coding format which reduces the size of the original files to 50%.

With madFLAC you can be sure that you will be able to play your FLAC files hassle free. You just need to install it on your computer and you are ready to go.

It has proved extremely useful for solving issues like FLAC files that did not play well, including in Windows Media Player.

madFLAC is being constantly updated , and with the latest versions, some problems have been fixed, such as freezing because of some MKV files, incomplete uninstalling process, and channel mask not properly set for weird channel configurations.

Moreover, the metadata string allocation type has been changed in order to provide a solution for MPC–HC heap corruption issues. Also, SampleSize is set to 1 in order to improve compatibility with other filters.

madFLAC has received the appreciation of all users for its flawless functioning.

It is small-sized and it needs a very small amount of resources, which means it does not affect the performance and speed of your computer.

With this user-friendly and trustworthy application, you can enjoy the high quality of FLAC audio files immediately and you can even work with FLAC tracks found in other media files.

As a conclusion, madFLAC is a useful addition to your system if you work with FLAC files or you just want to make sure you open any of those files found incidentally on your computer.

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