Monkey Audio DirectShow File Source Filter 1.00
  Last update: 17 Jan 2004 | License: Freeware | Size: 367KB | Downloads: 37620
Monkey Audio DirectShow File Source Filter is a small-sized tool allowing you to play Monkey Audio files with the APE extension in any DirectShow-based media player.


APE files, which are obtained with the Monkey's Audio codec, are lossless audio compression formats which can reduce the file size by half without affecting sound quality at all.

Nevertheless, you need special tools to make sure you can play APE files.

This filter allows you to play Monkey’s Audio in all DirectShow based media player, such as Windows Media Player, MPC or Zoom Player, among many others.

Monkey Audio DirectShow File Source Filter uses MACDll.dll and it is a simple Filesource Filter. Since version 0.50, this file was renamed to MACDec.dll.

By installing this filter, which is compatible with all Windows operating systems, you can also read APEv2 tags and play .apl playlists.

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