MPC Video Renderer
  Last update: 12 May 2021 | License: Freeware | Size: 629KB | Downloads: 31417
MPC Video Renderer is a free and open-source video renderer for Microsoft DirectShow/DirectX multimedia framework.


The renderer can potentially work with any DirectShow player, but full support is available only in the MPC-BE (recommended version of MPC-BE is: 1.5.5 or newer).

It is also recommended to have an SSE2-capable CPU, with Windows 7 (or newer) installed and at leaser a DirectX 9 video card.

Starting with version 0.3.0 of MPC Video Renderer, it has been added support for XySubFilter.

Changes to MPC Video Renderer 0.5.2:

- Fixed getting the displayed frame when outputting RGB 10-bit.
- Fixed display of BGRA64 format.
- Added support for BGR48 format.
- Added correction after incorrect (unsupported) conversion from YCbCr BT.2020 to RGB after DXVA2 and D3D11 VP.
- Fixed playback of some protected DVD-Videos.
- Improved "Auto display HDR On/Off" option.
- Fixed converting color space using shaders.
- Various additions and fixes in statistics.

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