Plex 1.33
  Last update: 17 Jun 2021 | License: Freeware | Size: 92MB | Downloads: 32640
Do you use your computer and other devices mainly for storing and playing media such as photos, music, movies, TV shows, and home videos?


Your everyday relaxation session can become easier to organize when you use reliable software that enables you to have your media within reach wherever you want.

You can have your media organized and available in just three steps: firstly you need to download and install Plex Media Server, secondly you add your media files and gain access to them through a simple and intuitive interface, and finally you install Plex Media Server to all your preferred mobile and streaming devices, such as tablet, smartphone, or console, so you are able to view and play your media no matter where you are.

What you get is literally a media server that you and your friends can access with great ease from any location, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

The installation process for this piece of software is fast and simple, and an icon is created in your Startup menu so you can locate the program immediately. Plex Media Server will automatically start when you open your computer, but the option can be disabled if you want to save your computer resources.

Plex Media Server focuses mainly on sorting and organizing your items across various devices, so you never lose track of your favorite photos or home videos and be able to find the last episode of your favorite show with little effort.

Some of the options provided by Plex Media Server are sorting items by multiple criteria, adding backgrounds and banners, playing media within your Internet browser, searching for certain files, viewing past activity within your media library, and editing information like genre, year, and collection.

Plex Media Server is highly recommended to anyone juggling between multiple devices but at the same time interested in keeping track of their media.

- Plex Media Player will be replaced by Plex desktop app. See more details here.

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