Shotcut 21.09.13
  Last update: 17 Sep 2021 | License: Freeware | Size: 74MB | Downloads: 53593
Shotcut is a powerful video editor allowing you to get the most from your favorite videos, from converting them to other formats to applying filters and merging files.


Shotcut relies on FFmpeg to support a wide range of audio and video formats and easily switch between them: VOB, MXF, M4A, FLV, M2T, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, OGG, MOV, WEBM and so on.

The software also provides support for image formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TGA, SVG, TIFF, and SVG.

Shotcut works with the MLT XML format as well – you can open these files as clips, perform tests, create playlists, encode them and stream them to a network of your choice.

Aside from working with a diversity of formats, Shotcut uses a multi-format timeline, which means you can mix videos having different resolutions and framerates.

You can create a whole new aspect of your videos by applying a variety of video filters, such as Crop, Glow, Blur, Mirror, Saturation, Sharpen, and so on. For color correction and grading use “Color Wheels”. Audio filters include Balance, Gain and Pan and help you easily solve audio file issues.

Other features you may find useful are screen and webcam capture, audio capture, network stream playback, the recent files panel, the drag and drop functionality, batch processing, and support for 4K resolutions.

Shotcut’s complexity lies in both its advanced editing options, like 3-point editing, and in its interface options (you can choose between native OS look and custom dark and light).

Shotcut provides a very wide range of editing options for a free app; you’ll need some time to uncover all its capabilities, but Shotcut’s editing options are there for you to try no matter what your experience level is.

Changes to Shotcut 21.05.18:

- This is a bug fix release to address the major problems found in version 21.05.01 after release.

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