Winamp MPC Plugin 1.0 beta
  Last update: 30 Jan 2013 | License: Freeware | Size: 236KB | Downloads: 602791
Winamp MPC Plugin is a small-sized application which makes it possible to play MPC, MPP or MP+ files using Winamp. This plugin is also known as Nullsoft Musepack Decoder.


This codec supports ReplayGain, Crossfade Plugins and it doesn’t take into account ID3v2 tags, not supported by MPC.

Other features of this virtual item are Media Library metadata importing and the ReplayGain Analyzer saved to APEv2 tags.

The latest versions of this plugin include: cleaned up Prefs dialog and repackaged with required nscrt.dll so it'll work on clean installs of 5.571+. Other code changes have not been made.

Winamp MPC Plugin may have an insignificant size, but its effects and utility are undeniable when it comes to rendering MPC, MPP and MP+ files.

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