Audioblast is a versatile audio editor. It has all the basic edit functions, but also some special functions that you won't find in other sound editors.
You can record sounds (with a microphone) or edit existing sounds (WAV or MP3).

All standard editing functions are present (like cutting, copying, pasting, make echo, change the speed, change the volume) as well as some less common functions (like making an alien sound effect).

Besides, you can create morse messages and there is a simple synthesizer function.

Features of Audioblast 1.6:

- Program to edit sounds.
- Has all the standard desktop-functions (cut, paste, delete, mix and more).
- Record your own sound and let it be mixed with the sound you've already opened!
- You can make the speed 'changing'. The sound will be played slightly slower or faster.
- Cool effects: soften, alien, satellite, creaking, shrink.
- The graphic can be displayed in several ways.
- The two channels of a stereo sound are displayed individually and you can edit them individually.
- Convert your message to Morse.
- Of course you can also add echo, change the volume and reverse the sound.

Changes in Audioblast 1.6.3:

- The most important improvement is probably the speed of the program, which has increased a lot.

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Audioblast 1.6.4
on 17 April 2015, reviewed by:

This seems to be an excellent little audio editor. Many basic functions and some interesting effects!

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