AviSynth 2.6.0 alpha 5

Updated: 21 Sep 2013

AviSynth is a very very powerful tool for video post-production. It provides almost unlimited ways of editing and processing videos.
AviSynth works as a frameserver, providing instant and very fast editing without the need for temporary files.

How to use AviSynth :

There are some really great programs that support AviSynth or utilize it behind the scenes.

• The most well-tested application is VirtualDubMod. It has a great built in editor that allows you to edit scripts and test the result with a keypress. The easiest way to create a script is to create a simple script, open it and enter Tools/Script Editor (or press Ctrl+E). Now you can edit your script and press "F5" to see the result in the main window.

• The best GUI solution is StaxRip. It provides complete integration with AviSynth and very powerful GUI's for creating scripts. It provides visual cropping, resizing and many filters. It is able to store the settings for later use so you can reuse the scripts. A definate must-try!

• Another powerful, GUI-like approach is AVSGenie. It generates scripts, and allows you to very easy adjust filter parameters visually, and see your result instantly. This is a program with very big potential - only problem for now that it isn't capable of reading scripts, so you can re-edit them.

Changes in AviSynth 2.6 alpha :

* Added Eval(clip, string name, string) alias for oop processing of argument.
* DirectShowSource support non-standard pixel types "YV24" and "YV16".
* Info: Audio only clip now creates its own canvas video.
* AviSource: Include packed/padded processing and -ve biHeight logic for compressed input.
* Add Script Functions :- BitLRotate, BitRRotate, BitChange, BitClear, BitSet, BitTest and their asm aliases.
* Add WeaveRows (blit cost) and WeaveColumns (slow) frame combining filters.
* Add AudioDuration() [as float seconds], IsY8(), IsYV411() & PixelType() [as a string] script functions.
* Add Echo and Preroll filters.
* Add IScriptEnvironment::GetAVSLinkage() and DLLExport AVS_linkage for host usage of avisynth.dll.
* DirectShowSource, 2.6 plugin, support pixel types "AYUV" as YV24, "Y41P" and "Y411" as YV411.
* AviSource: Add Full and Auto pseudo pixel_types. Full is all supported. Auto is YV12, YUY2, RGB32, RGB24 & Y8.
• A complete list can be found here.

AVSEdit: the official script editor for AviSynth.

AvisynthEditor: an advanced AviSynth script editor.

AviDemux: is a video editor and encoder for MPEG, AVI and DivX files.

Movavi Video Editor: easiest program for making stunning videos.

VideoPad Video Editor: is a fully featured video editing program for creating professional looking videos in minutes.

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