Updated: 11 Aug 2012

dvdisaster provides a margin of safety against data loss on CD, DVD and BD media caused by aging or scratches.
dvdisaster stores data on CD/DVD/BD (supported media) in a way that it is fully recoverable even after some read errors have developed. This enables you to rescue the complete data to a new medium.

Data loss is prevented by using error correcting codes. Error correction data is either added to the medium or kept in separate error correction files. dvdisaster works at the image level so that the recovery does not depend on the file system of the medium. The maximum error correction capacity is user-selectable.

Common misunderstandings about dvdisaster:

- dvdisaster can not make defective media readable again. Contents of a defective medium can not be recovered without the error correction data.

- If you want to rip DVDs, you're looking at the wrong place. Such functions are outside the scope of dvdisaster's internal design and goals.

Changes in dvdisaster 0.72:

- The "Verify" function hangs when working on RS01 error correction files which are larger than 2GB (the error correction files are correctly generated though). Volodymyr Bychkoviak discovered the problem and sent in a bug fix.

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