Greenshot is an application which enables you to take screenshots using multiple methods and options.
You can save entire screenshots or a part of the screen and add text and other graphical elements to the screenshot.

In case you choose the printer as a destination for your output files, you can configure printing options and apply effects.

Additionally, Greenshot allows you to capture windows and regions and it provides support for various image formats.

The destination of the output files can be an image editor, the clipboard, a printer or a file.

This application is intuitive and easy to use and it has been designed for everyone working with screenshots, such as software developers, project managers, testers and technical writers.

The possibilities offered by the editor are diverse: drawing all kind of shapes and lines, adding text boxes and highlights, cropping images, duplicate elements, loading objects from other files, using copy, cut and paste options and other features you will discover as you go along.

The Settings menu offers you access to a variety of options, such as changing the language, registering hotkeys, enabling the application to run automatically whenever you start your computer, include or exclude the mouse cursor from screenshots and so on.

Greenshot works fast and error-free and it requires a moderate amount of system resources; it is being constantly updated and its last versions have been added speech bubbles, auto incrementing labels, resize effects, torn-edge effects and drop shadow effects.

Greenshot is strongly recommended to anyone who works with screenshots. It helps you save time and effort and it also features specialized functions, which are not found in any image editor for general use. Greenshot features about anything you may need when taking and editing screenshots.

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