IMDB-Grab is a little tool to help you build detailed movie lists. It collects info from Internet Movie Database (IMDB):
Features of IMDB-Grab 0.5.5:

- Export to Excel file.
- "Clipboard-Grab-mode" for movie lookup. Now also support "copying" files from explorer.
- Import lists from, and
- IMDB login. (Necessary to grab adult titles from IMDB)
- Intelligent automatic movie selection based upon results from IMDB.
- Adjustable connection settings.
- File details import (Codec-info, Filesize, Bitrate etc).
- Want/Have-list setup.
- File Drag and Drop.
- Proxy server supported.
- IMDB numbers lookup supported.
- Field selection (decide what fields to include in grab).
- IMDB-links and titles extraction from remote sites.
- "Customize field" (Design your own field from other fields).
- Caching of retrieved data.
- Limit number of items in certain fields (MaxCast, MaxDirectors etc).
- File Rename with preview mode.
- Possible to generate same name for subtitles-files and movies-files when renaming.
- Subtitle Search.
- Filename Cleanup customization (Remove unwanted text from filenames before searching).
- Automatic Save/Import of settings.
- Save grabbed info to .imdb files.
- Random title grab.

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