Leiming's x264 GUI is an interesting GUI, very similar with x264 VFW.
Features of Leiming's x264 GUI :

- Very VFW-liked.
- Add awful number of files once.
- Support AVS Script preset, so using non-avs files as input is possible.
- Conditional double passes, estimating the right Q means finishing in only one pass.
- Support audio encoding and automated muxing.
- Support automated double passes.
- Support shutdown after jobs done.
- Support log recoding.
- Can work as an audio encoding GUI
- Bitrate calculated automated.

How to use Leiming's x264 GUI :

- You need to download the x264 Video Codec and extract the "x264" executable in "bin" folder.
- Then launch the "lmx264gui" executable from the same folder.

Changes in Leiming's x264 GUI 2009-04-16 :

- This one may be the last version of lmx264gui. This gui is planned to be discontinued.
I'm trying to build a new one, with C++. If I succeed, we'll meet again ^_^ LeiMing
- direct-8x8 parameter is dropped.
http://www.free-codecs.com/ pictures/screenshots/thumb/Leiming_X264_GUI_2.gif

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