An Mp3 file consists of thousands of frames. Each frame is about 30 milisecons long. musiCutter allows you to split one mp3 file into more mp3s exactly between frames.
You can rip a whole CD as one wav, and then encode it as one mp3 and split it. Using gapless mp3player you'll get virtually gapless output.

Due to the format of mp3, small parts of frame data may be stored in the previous frame (bit reservoir).

If mp3 parts are chained before they are decoded, you'll get "TRUE" gapless output, but AFAIK there is no player using this method.

Today gapless players are decoding mp3 and then concatenating - you'll get "NEAR" gapless output, because data in the bit reservoir will be lost (gaps should be inaudible).

If you need original mp3, you concatenate these parts and you'll get original mp3.

1. Select page "Cut points"
2. Select mp3 or ogg file to split in upper part of window
3. Optionally adjust the output directory
4. Fill "Start" and "FileName" in the grid either manually using "Add" button or import the values form CUE sheet or XMCD file or plain text using button "Import from file..."
5. Hit "Cut now!" button
Notes: - If the FileName of the cut point is empty, the fragment is skipped & not written to disk.
- If you are going to cut an .ogg file and click "Cut now!" while holding shift, the batch file will be created instread of executing the vcut.exe. Then you have to run the batch file manually. Use this to track down the possible errors.
1. Select page "Files to join"
2. Select files in upper part of window
3. Use buttons Add/Delete to manage files in list
4. You can reorder the files in list using mouse (drag&drop)
5. Adjust "Output filename" if neccessary
6. Hit "Join now!" button
MP3 files are joined carefully, VBR headers are skipped and ID3 tags are removed and all invalid frames are not copyied. If frame is incomplete (common case - the last frame of most mp3 files is usually shorter than it should be), it is padded with zeros to have correct length.
Ogg files are joined simply as with "copy /b file1.ogg+file2.ogg result.ogg". The result is .ogg file containing "chained bitstreams" which is 100% valid, but unfortunately vcut.exe can't handle it further.
Ogg files are cut by vcut.exe, at present there is limitation - vcut.exe can't handle "chained ogg bitstreams" - it will show an error when you try to cut such a .ogg file.
Important: Original files will not be deleted, so don't hesistate to experiment.

Features of musiCutter 0.7.1:

• supported formats:
- all MPEG audio versions and all layers (except freeformat mp3 files)
- OGG Vorbis
• works correctly with VBR mp3 files
• can produce frame statistics for mp3 file
• can handle practically unlimited file size
• cut points can be imported from:
- CUE sheet
- XMCD file
- plain text file

Changes in musiCutter 0.7.1 :

- after a few users reported success, musiCutter 0.7.0a2 has become musiCutter 0.7.1

Ogg Cutter: lets you cut your .ogg or .ogm files without reencoding. If your file contains video you are limited to key frame positions.

trakAxPC: create professional music and video mixes.


musiCutter 0.7.1
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This is by far one of the most useful music joining programs I have used. Most that I have seen ...

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