This is a repair tool for .srt subtitle files. SRTWiz rebuilds .srt files and eliminates common bugs and corruptions with a flexible algorithm.
For a detailed list of the different .srt bugs & corruptions it can repair check out the "issues.htm" file. Note that SRTWiz will repair ANY combination of any of these bugs & corruptions.

SRTWiz creates backup files so that you will never lose any data.

It's designed to create a backup file of the original .srt file before any repair, if it for some reason cannot create a backup file, it will cancel the repair process for safety reasons.

How to use SRTWiz:

Its easy to use! Just drag & drop the .srt file onto SRTWiz and it'll automatically repair the file and make a backup of the old .srt file naming it *.old and place it in the same directory.

Just make a shortcut to SRTWiz and place it on the desktop or make it a quick launch item where you easily can drop .srt files onto it.

Restrictions :

- Not exatcly an issue but the .srt files to be repaired cannot be write protected since SRTWiz will rebuild it and replace it.
- The .srt file cannot be less than 29 bytes long.
- The file cannot contain the ascii character "ð" (208). This is a special character used in the repair process of the file.

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