SUPER 2014 is an amazing set of tools that allows you to convert video files to many formats without external codecs to be installed.
Although its GUI is not very intuitive, SUPER supports a wide range of audio and video formats and is also very fast.

SUPER © (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer) uses the following command encoders:

FFmpeg, MEncoder, MPlayer, x264, MusePack, Monkey's audio, Shorten audio, TAK audio, True audio, WavPack, the libavcodec library & the theora/vorbis RealProducer's plugIn.

Some Features of SUPER 2014:

- HEVC/H.265 Video Codec full support to decode/play any file or encode it inside MP4, MOV, MKV, TS or M2TS(BluRay) Containers
- VP9 Video Codec full support to decode/play any file or encode it inside MKV and WebM containers
- [Adobe Flash Video Compliant] profile full support to decode/play any file or encode it inside FLV container
- Play all of the above file formats with SUPER ©
- Easy configuration of the output audio parameters (sampling rate, number of channels and audio bitrate) during file conversion,
- simplifying the user's encoding process while parsing internally optimized audio commands for best encoding results.
- Various additional Options enhancing the rendering results.
- Direct Stream Copy mode to render exact quality when the Video/Audio codecs are simply copied from the source file to the output file.
- Unique Advanced H.264 profile & level selection. Not available with any other free software.
- Unique Advanced MPEG-4 profile & level selection with FFmpeg. Not available with any other free software.
- Multi-threaded encoding with auto CPU multi-core selection.
- Multiple batch file processing by simple file drag and drop.
- etc.

- SUPER is trying to install "OffersWizard" toolbar and make "Webssearches" your browser's homepage. However, you may continue the installation process without installing it. See screenshots page.

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SUPER 2013 build 57
on 12 October 2013, reviewed by:

SUPER 2013 Build 57 since 2013-oct-11 not runnig because of: This version of SUPER © has some outdated components ! Updating is ...


SUPER 2013 build 56
on 08 July 2013, reviewed by:

Downloading, installing, run and EXPIRED! Hmmm…

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