How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec/filter files

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1. Unarchive the package and use the files from Release folder if you're running Windows 9x/Me or Release Unicode if you're running Windows 2000/XP.

Or from x86, x64 folders.

2. Copy DLL or AX files in system32 folder [ C:\Windows\System32 ]

3. Click on Start > Run... (type run in the search box)

- To install the files, type: regsvr32 filename.dll or regsvr32 filename.ax

- To uninstall them, use: regsvr32 -u filename.dll or regsvr32 -u filename.ax

Run dialog box

4. In the end, you should receive a message saying that your file was succesfully installed/uninstalled.

The file was succesfully installed

An easy way to register/unregister [install/uninstall] the files is to use one of these small tools:

- RadLight Filter Manager - list all registered codecs and to register or unregister codecs.
- DirectShow Filter Manager: helps to list, sort, find, add or remove DirectShow filters.
- RegShell - will help you avoid the inconvenience of running regsvr32 from the start menu.
- DllRegSvr - allows to register/unregister DLL and OCX codec files using RegSvr32 tool.
- Emsegister Tool - register dll/ocx filters, codecs... and get extended file informations.
- you can find more under Fix, Repair Tools category.

Some of the more common filters

• "iviaudio.ax" - WinDVD Audio Decoder filter.
• "ivivideo.ax" - WinDVD Video Decoder filter.
• "claud.ax" - PowerDVD Audio Decoder filter.
• "clvsd.ax" - PowerDVD Video Decoder filter.
• "DSCinemAudioDecoder.dll" - CineMaster v4 Audio Decoder filter.
• "DSCinemVideoDecoder.dll" - CineMaster v4 Video Decoder filter.

Note: Sometimes you need to specify the fully qualified path name to files (i.e. C: > Program Files > InterVideo > Common > Bin > IVIAUDIO.AX).

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on 13 Jan 2014, written by: Andreas # 9

Combining the tips work excellent for installing codecs in Win 7 x64 environment.

Place the codec file in the syswow64-folder, start the command prompt run as administrator, go to the syswow64-folder, and... "regsvr32 (or whatever it's called) and hey presto!

on 10 Jan 2014, written by: Help # 8

Hi. So I was trying to fix a problem with my laptop and was browsing problem reports and solutions.

I came across an article which said to unregister SPLITTER.AX, so, like an idiot, I did it. Not to my knowledge, this had something to do with my external monitor, which went off completely.

I restarted my computer and now the display is messed up, i.e, it's "shifted" to the right and a large portion of the screen is cut off.

Tried everything to fix, tried going to the Command Prompt and typing /regsvr SPLITTER.AX and then I get an error message saying it can't be found. Please help?

on 07 Feb 2013, written by: patronanejo # 7


You MUST specify 64-bit regsvr32 (yes, the 64-bit version has "32" in its name), which you will find in C:\Windows\SysWOW64.

Place FLVSplitter.ax in C:\Windows\SysWOW64. Then register the splitter with this command line:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\FLVSplitter.ax

*If you don't specify, the 32-bit version from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\\System32 will be invoked by default and you\'ll get an error message.

on 17 Dec 2012, written by: Dogan # 6

Windows 7 Users!

Start > All Programs > Accessories
Right Click on Command Prompt and choose run as Administrator

In Command Prompt
For Installing type: regsvr32 filename.dll or regsvr32 filename.ax
For Uninstalling type: regsvr32 -u filename.dll or regsvr32 -u filename.ax

Should work for Windows 8 people as well, if you can find the command prompt function... %windir%\\system32\\cmd.exe

on 17 Jul 2012, written by: adhul # 5

hi i am using windows 7 64bit and i installed successfully

on 15 Apr 2012, written by: VectorRoll # 4

Doesn't work for Windows7. If you all could put in some instructions for installing this into Windows7 that would make my rating for it go up, but as of now I have to rate it as Bad. :(

on 31 Dec 2011, written by: Nathan # 3

What if you are using the codecs for a 64-bit player, such as MPC-HC x64?

I want to do the above in Windows 7 x64. Don't those codec.ax extension files need to go into the SysWOW64 directory in addition to the system32 folder?

In this situation, how would you register/install the 64 bit file?

I am trying to get Media Player Classic to play lossless WavPack files using WavPackDSDecoder.ax, which also came with WavPackDSSplitter.ax, although at the moment I can't remember what I would need the splitter for.

I just want MPC-Home Cinema to play WavPack .wv extension files, and it keeps saying "cannot render." Since I have the x64 bit version, I am going to try the above, but use the path name to C:\\Windows\\SysWOW64\\WavPackDSDecoder.ax after RUN regsvr32.

We'll see if that register/install(s) it for DirectShow x64 players.

on 11 Mar 2011, written by: Rivo # 2

I'm using Windows 7 64bit.
I donwloaded the VSFilter-x64, but didn't know what to do.

on 01 Mar 2011, written by: Jasen # 1

Excellent guide

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