Today | Freeware | 2.3MB | Burning Tools | 1121 Downloads | Top Rank 821

True Burner is an easy-to-use and reliable burning application, which enables you to create standard, multisession and bootable discs.


Today | Shareware | 12.7MB | Media Players | 424963 Downloads | Top Rank 111

Zoom Player is able to play almost any format you throw at it and its interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use.


Today | Freeware | 19MB | Media Players | 287620 Downloads | Top Rank 140

PotPlayer (or KMPlayer Reloaded) is a complete media player rendering almost any type of format without needing to install codec packs on your computer.


Today | Freeware | 20MB | Media Management | 8501 Downloads | Top Rank 677

VSO Downloader allows you to download videos playing in your web browser. It also has an integrated file converter so you can get the desired output format.


Today | Shareware | 11MB | Blu-ray/DVD Backup | 1245346 Downloads | Top Rank 53

AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD are software tools used for removing protection from DVD and Blu-ray discs.


Today | Freeware | 1.3MB | Graphics | 5609 Downloads | Top Rank 731

Greenshot is an application which enables you to take screenshots using multiple methods and options.


Today | Shareware | 5.55MB | Video Editors | 14325 Downloads | Top Rank 600

Elecard StreamEye enables you to analyze video quality, to ensure compliance to video standards and to troubleshoot problems in encoded streams.


Today | Freeware | 18.7MB | Digital Radio & TV | 255083 Downloads | Top Rank 151

ProgDVB allows you to watch online TV and to listen to radio channels from all over the world.


Today | Freeware | 2.2MB | Burning Tools | 4222 Downloads | Top Rank 757

ISO Workshop is an application which enables you to easily create and burn a variety of disc images.


Today | Freeware | 21.3MB | Audio Encoders | 173606 Downloads | Top Rank 183

With GermaniX Transcoder you can convert your music from one format to another and tag the transcoded files.


Today | Freeware | 2.7MB | Video Encoders | 47185 Downloads | Top Rank 385

x265 Encoder is enabling you to encode your videos into the H.265/HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) format.


Yesterday | Freeware | 12.2MB | Video Encoders | 119 Downloads | Top Rank 831

By installing EncodeHD to your computer, you will be able to re-encode your media contents in order to use them on the most popular devices.


Yesterday | Freeware | 10.7MB | Audio Encoders | 221006 Downloads | Top Rank 166

CDex is an intuitive application which allows you to rip music from audio CDs.


Yesterday | Freeware | 2.4MB | Media Management | 18442 Downloads | Top Rank 551

Viewing and editing music files tags directly in Windows Explorer becomes possible with the AudioShell plugin.


Yesterday | Shareware | 33.5MB | DVD Authoring | 392606 Downloads | Top Rank 114

ConvertXtoDVD does fast conversions, burns automatically to DVD, creates DVD menus, and gives you excellent quality results!


Yesterday | Freeware | 170KB | Media Management | 32597 Downloads | Top Rank 450

VideoCacheView is a smart tool which extracts video files stored in your browser’s cache.


Yesterday | Freeware | 3.7MB | Media Players | 175148 Downloads | Top Rank 182

Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player with minimalistic interface and low memory use, able to play a large number of formats.


Yesterday | Freeware | 6.7MB | Graphics | 32813 Downloads | Top Rank 447

Light Image Resizer (formerly VSO Image Resizer) is a software tool enabling you to change the resolution of your photos or to move them within your hard drive.


Yesterday | Freeware | 34.6MB | Video Encoders | 138328 Downloads | Top Rank 216

What StaxRip does is converting DVDs, DVB and DV captures to the x264, XviD and DivX video formats.


Yesterday | Shareware | 5.5MB | Blu-ray/DVD Backup | 25129 Downloads | Top Rank 497

DVDFab Passkey is able to remove protection from encrypted movie DVDs and Blu-rays.


28 Oct 2014 | Freeware | 10.7MB | Video Codecs | 697887 Downloads | Top Rank 83

Xvid Video Codec implements MPEG-4 standards which allow you to reduce the bandwidth of video data in transmissions over networks.


28 Oct 2014 | Freeware | 76KB | Codec Identifiers | 2336 Downloads | Top Rank 803

DSF/MFT Viewer is a DirectShow Filter (DSF) and Media Foundation Transorm (MFT) Viewer able to display various information about splitters, filters, decoders, etc installed on computer.


28 Oct 2014 | Freeware | 4.4MB | Audio Encoders | 3299 Downloads | Top Rank 775

Helium Audio Converter is a free, fully functioning, helper application that enables to convert your audio files into many different formats.


28 Oct 2014 | Freeware | 3.8MB | Subtitle Tools | 39408 Downloads | Top Rank 420

Sublight is a user-friendly application which helps you to search for subtitles online by using various criteria or to upload your own subtitles.


28 Oct 2014 | Freeware | 16MB | Video Encoders | 29267 Downloads | Top Rank 470

HandBrake is a fast and versatile tool for multithreaded video transcoding and converting. It can handle almost any video and audio file format.

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