PgcEdit is a DVD IFO editor designed to allow the modification of the navigation commands and parameters of an already authored DVD structure. It is designed to supplement IfoEdit.
Among other things, IfoEdit allows you to modify the commands associated with PGCs (Program Chains). On this precise point however, it suffers from many limitations: it knows only some of the 41 existing commands, manages only some of the parameters of these commands, does not allow to create structured programs with conditions, branches etc... Moreover, it is very difficult to have an overall vision of all the commands of the DVD, because those are disseminated at various places in the DVD, among large amounts of other data.

I wrote PgcEdit to supplement IfoEdit. PgcEdit is a program much more limited than IfoEdit: it only enables editing the commands and modifying certain parameters of PGCs (Program Chains). On the other hand, it does not have the same limitations as IfoEdit: it allows one to edit all the commands with all their parameters, without other limitations than those imposed by the standard, and the philosophy of PgcEdit offers a better overall picture of the programming of the DVD. I have also added some functions as a bonus.

Changes in PgcEdit 9 :

- See the complete list of modifications here.

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IfoEdit: allows you to strip audio and subtitle streams you don't need, to get rid of certain menus and extras but still preserve the general DVD structure.

VobEdit: tool for joining, cutting, de-multiplexing DVD VOB files.

MenuShrink: is a small application that lets you compress DVD motion menus.

FixVTS: allows you to adjust your DVD files into better DVD compliance, so they can be opened in DVDShrink or VobBlanker.

pgc.NET: is an extremely easy chain ripper. Can be used on DVD movie disks and hard drive folders.

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