The advantage of the Subtitle Mixer is that you will be able to use subtitles in window mode as well as in full screen mode because it is not done by the player anymore.
How it works:

The Subtitle Mixer has a higher priority than the video renderer. Therefore DirectShow will try to pull it into the playback graph whenever possible. Later on the Subtitle Mixer connects to the video renderer. If the subtitle input is connected I amplify the image to 4:3 aspect ratio to draw the subtitle in the lower margin. I've done a lot of work to amplifiy the image without copying it (this would be a performance issue).

Special Features:

- Nearly no performance impact.
- Works on all RGB and YUV color spaces
- Understands some basic HTML tags
- Gives a warning in case of no overlay mode
- Works with any text stream (could be AVI as well)

Changes in Ogg Subtitle Mixer :

- Changed everything to Unicode(tm) to ensure that other languages are handled correctly.
- In some cases VideoInfo2 was not translated back to VideoInfo for the upstream filter. This lead sometimes to GPFs (e.g. with the divx 3 decoder filter)

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Ogg Cutter: if you have very large Ogg files and you need to split it to two CDs then this is for you.

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