AVS Disc Creator 6.2.4

Updated: 6 Aug 2022

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Install the AVS Disc Creator to your computer and you will easily burn various types of discs (CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays) and images such as ISO files.
The AVS Disc Creator is being updated constantly and its interface encourages all users, regardless of their level of experience, to create their own discs.

The output produced by AVS Disc Creator includes data files, audio CDs, MP3 discs, photo CD, DVDs, video DVDs, Blu-rays and ISO files.

Additionally, you can create bootable discs.

The AVS Disc Creator includes a variety of options and features. First of all, you can use it to burn DVD discs. Video files available on HDD can be burned directly to a DVD disc, and most media formats are supported: DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD-RAM, Double/Dual Layer DVD etc.

The Blu-ray data writing functionality allows you to store files at the highest quality by using BD-R and BD-RE discs.

Boot CD and DVD discs can be created, too, with the AVS Disc Creator. Creating ISO images is simple as well, and you can edit, delete or add new files.

This means you won’t have to run the disc every time you want to access its contents and cause it to wear fast.

Last, but not the least, this application offers support for a variety of image file formats which have been created with other software, such as Nero or Alcohol 120% image files.

A few extra options that can help you are erasing discs and adjusting the writing speed, from 8x to 48x.

By using the AVS Disc Creator, you will enjoy up-to-date support for burning discs and you will be able to produce output in the most common formats.
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4 from 2 Reviews


AVS Disc Creator
on 24 June 2006 , reviewed by:

works great for cd burning. does mulit-session & erase perfect.


AVS Disc Creator
on 14 June 2006 , reviewed by:

Not freeware, restricted/bundled to another AVS product for DVD burning! Other functions seems to work well.

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