CDCheck 3.1.14

Updated: 4 Oct 2008

2.5 from 2 Reviews

CDCheck helps you recover damaged files from your CDs and DVDs the easy way.
It focuses on error detection and it enables you to ensure that data on your CD or DVD are safe.

After a quick and simple installation process, you are provided with a basic user interface, whose look is not very modern, but which can easily be used by beginners due to its wizard style.

CDCheck offers support for the most popular hashes and hash file formats such as MD2, MD5, CRC-32, SHA and many others.

It also ensures an easy creation of hash files. All you need to do is to select the file, directory or volume, click on hash and confirm the hash setup. Hash files are automatically detected during checking. Any hash file found in the default hash path is found and used during checking. You don’t have to select the hash file manually. The newest hashes are always used first.

Other features of CDCheck include easy checking of files, directories and volumes (select the element you want to check, click on Check and confirm the Check setup) and a fast binary compare of files, directories and volumes. CDCheck manages to compare bit by bit and it can read two different sources at the same time, unlike most similar applications.

With CDCheck you can recover items, set up the number of retries until a sector is marked as unreadable and the recovery time, compare two folders or files and view statistics about the actions you have taken. Information provided by CDCheck can be exported in the TXT format.

CDCheck can be very helpful in detecting errors and recovering files and folders, even if it has not been updated in a long time. Nevertheless, not all items can be recovered every single time.
- CDCheck's development has been discontinued!
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2.5 from 2 Reviews


CDCheck 3.1.11
on 01 March 2006 , reviewed by:

Your page says "Freeware", but CDCheck says "30 day Trial"


CDCheck 3.1.11
on 01 March 2006 , reviewed by:

Sorry I didn't read all the text. But on the top is says "Freeware", this is not Freeware, it's just ...

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