HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner 1.4

Updated: 22 Jul 2005

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If you are looking for a basic and easy to use burning utility, HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner may be a good solution.
This piece of software is user-friendly and it offers you access to almost any burning utility options you might need.

The output that HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner can create consists of Audio CD, Data CDs, MP3 discs and ISO images.

Some of its most important features are supporting drag and drop from Explorer, loading sessions from multi-session discs, viewing Disc/Writer information view and supporting on-the-fly recording.

When it comes to data burn, this application is able to rename files and folder names, to create new folders, to provide a close-disc option and to create multi-session discs.

In the case of audio CDs, HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner can customize audio track order. When burning MP3 discs, you can create new folders and work with multi-session discs again, too. The ISO maker included with HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner allows you to create ISO images.

HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner is not very different from similar applications. Once you launch the application, you are asked to select the type of project you want to complete and afterwards, you need to choose the files and folders you want to burn on the disc. Rewritable discs can be erased and burned again with different contents.

The HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner has not been developed for many years and it is possible to notice some incompatibility issues with Windows 7. The last version, 1.4, was added the ISO9660 Image Burn function, and has made the disc name changeable.

HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner is a good choice if your computer runs an older version of Windows and you need a basic tool that will allow you to burn CDs and to create ISO files the simple way.
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4 from 2 Reviews


HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner 1.4
on 12 June 2008 , reviewed by:

basic, easy to use and very fast burner


HT Fireman 0.4
on 17 January 2005 , reviewed by:

very basic burning program. No nags to register. No adware or spyware. Does mulit-session CD and DVD with ease. Audio ...

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