Light Alloy 4.11.2

Updated: 5 May 2021

4.75 from 4 Reviews

Light Alloy is a media player which renders the most popular multimedia formats using small amounts of your system resources.
It is easy to use and it will impress you with its fresh-looking excellent design.

When you install Light Alloy on your computer, you are already fitted with the necessary codecs for playing a wide variety of formats.

This makes it possible for this compact application to play DVD and Blu-ray discs, MKV and MP4 files.

Apart from the flexible and user-friendly interface, Light Alloy has another advantage to offer: fast loading time.

It loads almost instantly and it also remembers the previous playlist preferences. Other operation are performed just as fast: video rewind, subtitle loading, bookmarking, previewing window on timeline, selecting audio tracks, taking screenshots and infrared remote control.

Other features that make Light Alloy an impressive media player are the configurable playback speed from 0.1x slow to 32x fast, the unrestricted display size with or w/o aspect ratio alignment, the timeline preview function, similar to YouTube, with the possibility to change preview window size and many others.

You can save the video settings for each file and your presets will be applied again the next time you open the file. Mouse keys and keyboard commands are easy to configure and you can ask Light Alloy to display the data for currently playing video.

The information can be easily copied to the clipboard. You are provided with some additional audio features, too, such as sound amplification, audio shift and normalization.

Light Alloy is a valid alternative to the best-known media players and it definitely has something of its own.

It may have a larger size compared to other players, but it uses a small amount of system resources and it offers lots of advanced options in exchange.

Light Alloy puts an emphasis on swiftness and convenience of use and this is what matters the most.
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4.75 from 4 Reviews


Light Alloy 4.10.3
on 17 October 2020 , reviewed by:

I think Light Alloy is best player on market.


Light Alloy
on 29 March 2015 , reviewed by:

Super player...... Design is so cool..... Love this media player......

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