MP3 Checker 1.08

Updated: 28 Jul 2006

You don’t have any idea why your MP3 files are corrupt? MP3 Checker will tell you everything you need to know about those MP3 files causing errors.
This compact application uses three different diagnosis methods: MPEG Header Frames verification, which identifies corrupted MP3s; reading audio data using rule based checking in order to detect fake MP3s; and cross reference for repeated MPEG audio frames, which diagnoses repeated or looped MP3s.

The main features of MP3 Checker are the quick scanning speed (not more than three seconds for each MP3); indicating the approximate location of the error; batch processing and drag and drop file importing; MPEG information detection; ignoring minor errors (only if you use this particular option); and updating ID3 comment tags to enable quick rescans in the future.

MP3 Checker was designed with great easiness of use in mind. Thus, you can drag and drop multiple files into the application window at the same time and have them diagnosed in seconds. Moreover, you can scan files while being downloaded, so you don’t have to wait too much to find out if they are working properly or not.

The files which have been found with errors can be stored on a special “Quarantine” folder, which can be created using the application’s options.

MP3 Checker shows errors in real time and it scans files very quickly, but on the other hand, it supports only MP3 files and it is not able to fix the errors it finds.

This helpful application is worth trying if you want to find out why your MP3 files don’t play back properly, but it doesn’t provide you with any solution to the problem though.
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MP3 Checker 1.08
on 29 December 2011 , reviewed by:

Scanned my podcasts and found corruption, crashed all 5 times I tried to scan my music folder. Don't waste your ...


MP3 Checker 1.08
on 18 October 2010 , reviewed by:

Asked the program to scan my itunes folder and sub directories. It scanned through about 100+ folders, found no mp3s ...

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