MP3 Quality Modifier 2.5.3

Updated: 25 Aug 2014

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MP3 Quality Modifier changes the bitrate of your MP3 files, so they occupy less space on your computer.
You will be able to keep your music collection, while easing some of the burden on the disk space. You can also keep more music on your MP3 player.

One of the first advantages you’ll notice in MP3 Quality Modifier is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

It is clean and it allows both batch processing and “drag and drop”.

Once you open a file, MP3 Quality Modifier displays information about it, such as name, title, size, artist, bitrate, sample frequency rate and channels.

What you need to do next is to select the bitrate you prefer, choose the output destination and start the conversion process. ID3 tags will not be lost after conversion. You can ask MP3 Quality Modifier to replace input files with the compressed ones if you don’t want to keep the original.

Advanced options include detailed bitrate settings, adjusting sample frequency, and comparing new files with the original ones in terms of quality.

MP3 Quality Modifier is portable, which means you don’t have to install it to your computer and modify the Windows registry. You can also keep it on a USB flash drive and run it whenever you need it, on any computer.

MP3 Quality Modifier occupies less than 1MB of your memory and requires a minimal amount of system resources to run. It performs conversion fast and it also features a guide for beginner users.

If you need to save some disk space without deleting your favorite tracks, MP3 Quality Modifier is an excellent conversion tool that will get things done fast. Reduce dramatically the size of your MP3 files with this lightweight application.

Changes to MP3 Quality Modifier 2.5.3:

- Added: Confirmation question for shutdown option at progress window
- Fixed: Some slightly corrupt or very small MP3 files weren't handled properly (thanks Tom and Bodo!)
- Fixed: Better detection of processing problems
- See full list of changes here.
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3 from 2 Reviews


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