MP4 Input Plugin (for Winamp2/5) 2.1 beta

Updated: 29 Sep 2004

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With the MP4 Input Plugin (for Winamp 2/5) you can enhance the functions of the well-known media player and enjoy a variety of new features: decoding MP4; AAC, PS AAC, HE AAC profiles and MP4 tagging.
This plugin whose last version was released in 2004 enhanced the functionality of old versions of Winamp.

Later, these options were included in the media player and the plugin is not necessary anymore, unless you are using an outdated version of Winamp.

From Winamp 5.12 and later, this plugin becomes useless.

In order to install the MP4 Input Plugin, decompress the archive, look for the in_mp4.dll file and copy it to the Winamp\Plugins directory.

Make sure you close the player before installing the plugin.

When you launch Winamp, go to the Preferences menu and look for the plugin following the path Plug-ins\Input section and you will be able to change the settings of the MP4 Input Plugin.

When it comes to plugin settings, you can modify the priority from lowest to highest; resolution can be changed, too, from 16 bits to 32 bits. Moreover, the plugin enables you to customize the title format and to activate the VBR display.

In order to decode MPEG4 audio and video files, you may need to install FFDShow. 3ivx could be necessary, too.

If you want to eliminate this plugin from your computer, just delete it from the Plugins folder.

The MP4 Input Plugin is obsolete, since Winamp currently supports the features that this plugin offers using its own plugins. You are unlikely to need this piece of software unless you have an old computer running an old version of Winamp (under 5.12).

- As from Winamp 5.12 and later, the default Nullsoft MPEG-4 Decoder (in_mp4) supports he-aac/nero digital mp4/m4a audio files, so there's no longer any need to use this plugin.
Note, the new in_mp4 still doesn't support mpeg4 video or proprietary Apple lossless audio (alac), though neither does the 3rd-party plugin. You'll still need to use the DirectShow Decoder for .mp4 video files; that's why you have to add ;MP4 to the Extension List in the DirectShow Decoder config (see the 2nd screenshot) by going to Preferences > Plug-ins > Input > double click "Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder...".
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3.63 from 8 Reviews


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