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Updated: 31 Jan 2006

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Nero is best known for its disc burning software, but it also offers other high-quality applications, too. Nero Media Player is an excellent example of a top-quality product – it is a reliable program allowing you to play the most popular video and audio formats.
Moreover, it enables you to convert music from audio CDs to mp3.

The file formats supported by Nero Media Player are audio CD, MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, AIFF and many others. Moreover, with this program you can play online streams and create playlists.

Nero Media Player is available shareware, and the range of advanced options it offers is very diverse.
Regarding audio files playback and management, Nero Media Player allows you to create playlists from local files and Internet radio stations, to make your own sonic profiles using the graphic equalizer, to add digital track-labeling to your audio CDs and to rip audio tracks to various file formats extremely fast.

Encoding is an important part of the Nero Media Player; with this application you can benefit from unlimited MP3, WAV, VQF and HE-AAC decoding, you can rip audio tracks very fast, standard bit rates range from 96 to 320 KB/s, you can choose between high quality and high speed mode and use the latest Fraunhofer MP3 audio-encoding technology.

The audio options offered by Nero Media Player are enough to satisfy any average user: adjusting the volume; rewind, fast forward and pause; equalizer; Winamp visualization plug-in support; repeat option; displaying full track information etc.

Nero is a well-known name in the world of software and the applications it offers are unlikely to disappoint you. This is also the case of the Nero Media Player, which offers a variety of customizing options, easy control, Internet radio support and encoding features.
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3.18 from 22 Reviews


Nero Media Player
on 22 October 2009 , reviewed by:

come on guys! this is easy! google....... ....serials........ the first result can help you! click that site, type nero.... done ...


Nero Media Player
on 18 October 2009 , reviewed by:

I find it cool and effective playing my music

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