Updated: 15 Mar 2009

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PVAStrumento is a powerful tool allowing you to convert PVA files to the more popular MPEG-2 format.
PVA files are not supported by most media players and usually, the best solution is converting them to MPEG-2.

MPEG-2 has been especially designed for video storage, and video captured with a DVB card is not supported by your computer.

Transport stream (TS) needs to be converted to program stream (PS), and this is exactly what PVAStrumento does.

PVAStrumento is a portable application, which means you don’t have to install it to your computer. Just keep it on your local disk or on a memory device and run the executable file when necessary.

Portable software does not modify the Windows registry and no traces are left when the program is removed.

Furthermore, PVAStrumento is also convenient due to its plain interface, drag and drop file importing and batch processing features (processing multiple files at the same time).

Besides converting files from one format to another, PVAStrumento also enables you to separate audio and video streams and to extract audio streams from MPEG files and save them in the PS format.

Configuring audio and video parameters, splitting files and setting priorities are other options you can enjoy with PVAStrumento. After conversion, you have access to a log with details on the operations that have been performed and on any possible errors. The data can be exported to a text file and used for further analysis.

No matter where you want to play your videos (on your computer or on a standalone player) PVAStrumento will convert data recorded with a DVB PC-card to the MPEG-2 format, which is supported by almost all media players.
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1 from 1 Reviews


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I had high hopes for this. It is supposed to work in XP, and to convert from PVA format to ...

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