RadLight Filter Manager 1.5

Updated: 2 Jun 2007

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RadLight Filter Manager is a little tool for managing DirectShow filters; it allows you to change their merit values, bring up their properties and copy their CLSID to the Clipboard.
Its purpose is to fix filter incompatibility problems.

RadLight Filter Manager is very light (its size barely exceeds 200 KB) and it is portable; this means you don’t have to install it on your computer.

It doesn’t modify the Windows registries and you can store it on an external memory device as well and run it when necessary.

This application is user-friendly and intuitive, so you’ll be able to use it even if you are a beginner.

What RadLight Filter Manager does in the first place is to display all DirectShow filters in the first tab.

For each filter you select, you have the possibility to register or unregister it, to bring up its properties, and to copy the Class ID to the Clipboard. The merit value can be changed and the configurations can be saved to a TXT file.

The latest versions of RadLight Filter Manager have been updated for optimal use of the application: no registry access, a button allowing users to save the DirectShow filter list as text file and the DirectShow files whose files are missing are displayed in gray.

Furthermore, if the user tries to unregister a non-existent filter, RadLight Filter Manager offers to delete the according registry keys.

The only limitation of this tool is the fact that RadLight Filter Manager can’t clean the registry from all the keys that a filter has created; it only removes the keys containing the Class ID.

RadLight Filter Manager is a utility worth installing on your computer if you want to manage your DirectShow filters easily.

It provides you with all the data you need and it allows you to take the actions needed so you can get the best out of your filters.

- In contrast to RadScorpion's original version this version allows to enter and set non-standard merit values. If you are not familiar with the DirectShow settings or you don't know what filter merits are, please keep your hands off - you may disable all kinds of media playback on your computer!
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5 from 1 Reviews


RadLight Filter Manager 1.5
on 25 August 2011 , reviewed by:

It is great. It shows all relavant data and easy to set MERIT! Only what I find that it does ...

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