Splash 2.7

Updated: 24 Jun 2019

4.38 from 13 Reviews

In an extremely diverse multimedia world, Splash manages to stand out from the crowd by working with the most popular file formats and handling HD video contents in a professional manner.
Splash is able to play HD AVC and H.264 camcorder videos and digital television perfectly, without needing additional software like codecs.

The first advantage that Splash offers is playing your HD videos, including your own recordings, on your computer.

This is possible without errors or any inconveniences, and without you needing to install codecs.

Splash also focuses on digital television, allowing you to watch, record and timeshift DVB-T television. This application features power saving post-processing technologies, which are designed to be compatible with desktops, netbooks and notebooks.

Top video quality is one of the most important aspects for the developers of Splash. Due to its advanced picture post-processing engine, you will enjoy excellent video quality.

Easiness of use is also crucial, and the interface of Splash is intuitive and stylish. Splash offers a great user experience by offering you a layout similar to most multimedia players, but which has been improved with some extra features. For instance, place the mouse cursor over the top of the main window and you will have instant access to Splash’s video controls.

Additionally, you can change the screen and display format so Splash fits your needs perfectly.

If you are running Splash on a laptop, you can select the EcoMode, which means that the application will save as much battery as possible.

As a final word, Splash is one of the most advanced media players on the market and it is definitely worth giving it a try. With this compact application, you will enjoy top video quality like never before.

- Take care, Splash lite installer is bundled with "Delta Toolbar", "AppHit" and "FilesFrog Update Checker" while latest version, Splash 2.3, is clean and freeware.
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4.38 from 13 Reviews


Splash 2.3
on 07 February 2019 , reviewed by:

best player shot to watch HD movies.


Splash 1.6.1 lite
on 22 August 2011 , reviewed by:

There are a few media players out there now that offload video to the graphics card. Splash is one of ...

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