BeSweetGUI 0.7 b8

Updated: 28 Jan 2005

BeSweetGUI is an application which allows you to enjoy the features of BeSweet while using a graphical user interface.
This version is more suitable for average users who are not familiar with command line tools.

Just as BeSweet, this GUI version does about the same thing: converting between various formats, mentioning that the output can only be audio (MP2, MP3, WAV, OGG, AC3 and AIFF).

AIFF and WAV output files can also be multi-channel. Apart from conversion, you can perform signal processing as well.

Another advantage of this GUI, except for its more user-friendly interface, is being portable.

This means you don’t have to install BeSweetGUI to your computer and that you can even keep it on an external device like a USB flash drive and run it whenever it is necessary.

With this version of BeSweet, you can perform various actions such as selecting the video source (PAL or NTSC) or setting the start and end point for the audio selection more easily, without needing to learn commands.

The interface is not extremely elegant or friendly, but still, BeSweetGUI is easier to use than its original command-line version.

Another advantage of the GUI is enabling you to perform batch processing; you can import several items and convert them at the same time.

BeSweetGUI has not been developed anymore since 2005, and its last version was added more –bsn options and support for AAC and MP4.

BeSweetGUI is the right choice for anyone who feels more comfortable with a graphical user interface. Ripping audio streams from DVDs and converting audio files to various file formats becomes a lot easier with this lightweight and freeware application.
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