CdCoverCreator helps you create CD covers, inlays, labels and booklets, even if you are not an experienced user.
The simple and intuitive interface is extremely helpful for first time users of CdCoverCreator.

You can organize your activity by projects and add all kinds of elements to obtain the desired results.

The first step is introducing the CD into the CD-ROM drive. Afterwards the Creation Wizard comes in and starts guiding you through the necessary steps to create the cover or the label.

The application retrieves track lengths from the CD, and you only need to introduce track titles manually or take them from an Internet database. If the compilation is original and you can’t find your disc in any database, you can use the “Match & Merge” option to get the titles automatically.

The next step is selecting background images. By using the Cover Browser, you can search and download CD cover images from the Internet. Next you can select one of the predefined style templates and the cover is ready to print.

CdCoverCreator also lets you create booklets; an option is including song lyrics into the booklet. The Lyric Browser will help you get the lyrics from the Internet.

Another helpful feature provided by this application is the Style Template Wizard, which allows you to create your own templates, in case you are not satisfied with the predefined style templates.

The program works fast and error-free and needs a small amount of system resources to create covers and booklets. On the other hand, there are some inconveniences, too, such as not being able to make image adjustments.

CdCoverCreator is a basic CD cover creation tool recommended to average users looking for a fast and simple way of creating cover art.
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