With CloneBD, copying unprotected Blu-rays to your computer or to a blank Blu-ray disc is very easy.
It can also handle DVDs and it includes conversion, burning, and ripping features, too.

CloneBD extracts contents from DVD and Blu-ray discs and enables you to see the disc structure, to preview videos, and to select only those elements you want to copy.

Content is extracted immediately with just a few clicks and you can easily convert it to the desired format or burn it to another disc.

You can choose between making a 1:1 copy of your unprotected disc or you can select between titles, audio languages and subtitle languages.

Aside from cloning and extracting elements from a Blu-ray or DVD, CloneBD also compresses BD-50 to BD-25, BD-9 or BD-5, or Blu-ray discs to the most common file formats (MP4, AVI, MKV, and formats for mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.)

A possible problem when extracting content from a disc is its region code, but you won’t encounter any difficulties with CloneBD, as the application supports all regions (A, B, and C).

Furthermore, CloneBD has another ace in its sleeve: the YouTube video downloading feature, allowing you to complete your multimedia collection with your favorite online videos.

Another advantage of using CloneBD is represented by its video editing functions, which include conversion, merging, splitting, and adjusting parameters like the output format, resolution, codec, frame rate, bit rate, aspect ratio and audio options. You can customize saturation, brightness, zoom or contrast as well, and apply 3D effects.

Before installing CloneBD to your computer, keep in mind that you will need 50-100 GB of temporary available hard drive space in order to clone Blu-rays.

- The GUI currently allows the selection of "lossless video" when creating a 3D side-by-side MKV, which is, of course impossible, as this format requires re-encoding.
- Please be sure, not to select lossless video when creating 3D MKVs.
- The next version will suppress that option in this case.
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