Emsa DLL Register Tool offers information about DLL, OCX and EXE files and it provides its users with support for ActiveX registration.
Emsa DLL Register Tool packs a variety of functions, such as providing information about system files, registering and unregistering ActiveX DLL, OCX and EXE files, comparing two ActiveX files with the same filename, registering and unregistering Active X shell extensions and so on.

Emsa DLL Register Tool can create an ActiveX report on a folder in a very simple and fast manner: click right on the folder and select ActiveX Report.

You will be provided with a text file containing the report, and the output.txt file will be automatically open.

If you want to obtain this kind of report, you need to make sure the Shell extensions are enabled within the program.

The application is divided in three sections. The first section provides file information (company name, copyright, file description, type and subtype and so on). The second section enables you to compare two ActiveX files. The third section allows you to enable or disable shell extensions.

There are many satisfied users of Emsa DLL Register Tool, which have installed this application on their computers running Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Even if the software has not been updated anymore since 2004, it works on the latest operating systems and it allows you to run Windows XP, Vista or 2000 programs on Windows 7.

User friendliness is another reason why the users of Emsa DLL Register Tool strongly recommend this program.

Emsa DLL Register Tool makes DLL registration extremely easy for average users and it offers you all the information you need about DLL, OCX and EXE files.

- The activation procedure is 100% Free and you can get the activation code from here.
- Emsa DLL Register Tool requires the Visual Basic 6 Runtime files. The program may run on XP and above without the need to install the VB Runtime because it usually comes with the operating system.
- How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec/filter files: learn to install/uninstall DLL, AX files using command prompt.
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