InstalledCodec is a utility tool which provides you with information about the codecs and filters installed on your computer.
This application is portable and its size doesn’t exceed 50KB; nevertheless, you will find it extremely helpful when you need to make sure you can play all your media contents.

InstalledCodec is a portable executable file which can be copied on your computer or stored on an USB Flash drive and run whenever it is necessary.

Just double-click on it to open; you will be immediately provided with a clean and intuitive interface.

More than just showing you the codecs and filters installed on your computer, InstalledCodec allows you to enable and disable codecs with one click.

It provides the following information for each item: display name, type, disabled status, installed and modified time, description, company name, filename and so on.

The list of codecs can be exported to text, XML or HTML files. The information can be copied to the clipboard and pasted to Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheets.

Like any other helpful pieces of software, InstalledCodec offers a solution to a problem. When you have too many codec packs and filters installed on your computer, incompatibility problems may arise and you will end up not being able to play all media files properly.

InstalledCodec helps you take a complete look at the codecs installed in your computer and enable/disable them as you wish, until you find the combination which allows you to view your media contents undisturbed.

InstalledCodec may give beginner users some headaches, because it doesn’t have a help file. Even so, its user-friendly interface and some patience will solve the problem. Advanced users will have no problem using this application.

If you are a heavy media consumer and you sometimes get lost in the many codecs and filters installed on your computer, InstalledCodec will help you make some order.

Changes in InstalledCodec 1.3:

- Added 'Auto Size Columns+Headers' option.
- Added 64-bit build.

- For older versions of Windows (98/ME), we suggest to use the old version of InstalledCodec: MMCompView.
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