TechSmith Capture (formerly Jing) 2.0.2

Updated: 19 May 2021

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TechSmith Capture (formerly known as Jing) allows you to share images and videos of your computer screen, whether you need this type of functionality for work or for play.
Computer captures can be shared fast and customized by adding various visual elements.

The actions you can perform in TechSmith Capture can be divided into three main categories: capturing image, recording video, and sharing screenshots or videos with co-workers and friends.

When capturing images from your computer screen, you can select the exact window or region you want to capture and add various elements to the obtained image (text boxes, highlights, arrows, and so on).

The length of videos you can capture with TechSmith Capture is limited to 5 minutes to ensure focused communication. Just select a region or a window you want to record and the program will take care to capture everything in that area. You can even create narrated tutorials with TechSmith Capture, or you can limit its video capturing options to recording some mouse movements.

After creating your image or video, the content is uploaded to and then you can share it via IM, email, social media, and so on, since the web address is automatically added to the clipboard.

Users also have the option of saving images and videos to their computers and choosing the desired file format.

The app provides advanced options in the Preferences area, from where you can configure proxy settings, customize buttons, enable TechSmith Capture to run when you open your computer, select an audio input device, and set a capture key for pictures and videos.

TechSmith Capture completes image and video capture tasks fast and error-free and eases work for many users who need to share elements from their screens with remote colleagues or friends; however, this piece of software will require a higher amount of system resources compared to your average computer program.

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