RawTherapee is a must-have for professional photographers as this tool is used to handle and tweak unprocessed images delivered by digital cameras – the RAW format more exactly.
Aside from the RAW format, RawTherapee can also make image adjustments to images in the more common JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG formats.

The first thing you need to know is that with RawTherapee you can work fully reassured that your original images won’t be harmed.

The program does non-destructive editing, which means adjustments are reflected on the preview image instead of being physically applied to the original image. Changes are applied only during the export process.

The user interface consists of a file browser, a queue, a panel for batch image adjustments, a preview section for images, and an image editing tab – simple and straightforward. Some of the processing options you can apply in RawTherapee are tone mapping, graduated filter, vignetting correction, sharpening methods, noise reduction, black and white conversion, soft-proofing support, rotation with visual straightening tool, distortion correction, and hot and dead pixel filters among many others. Output formats include TIFF, JPEG, and PNG.

The latest RawTherapee version includes the following improvements: manually saving the collapsed/expanded state of tools, better control over the scene and viewing conditions, and Lensfun support for automatic and manual profiled lens correction.

In spite of the complex operations it needs to complete sometimes, RawTherapee does its job flawlessly while using a moderate amount of computer resources and system memory. The application delivers a good response time and does not crash or freeze. Those who prefer to skip the installation stage can opt for RawTherapee’s portable version, which can be stored on your computer or on a mass storage device.

The tool is targeted mostly at professionals and doesn’t include a help file – you will need to rely on your image editing experience to learn how to use it.
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