SageThumbs is a handy shell extension allowing its users to preview a very wide range of image formats directly in Windows Explorer, including less common ones.
The installation procedure is simple and fast, and after deploying SageThumbs to your system, you need to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

The main features of SageThumbs are: extended thumbnail image view of Explorer folder, extended info tips, thumbnail image in Explorer context menu (the right-click menu), supporting 162 image formats with 224 extensions via the GFL library, sending by mail support, supporting 26 additional image formats using XnView plugins if installed and wallpaper selection support.

Moreover, with SageThumbs you enjoy one-click conversion to popular image formats support and copy to clipboard support.

The application is able to use external XnView plugins and it tries to automatically detect the XnView installation folder. If it fails to do so, it will use a predefined folder.

After installing SageThumbs to your computer, you will be able to perform actions such as opening the right-click menu on image files to copy the picture to the clipboard, sending the image or its thumbnail to someone via email, converting another file format to JPG, GIF or BMP and setting the picture as stretched, centered or tiled.

Additionally, you can set the maximum size of the image files to preview, enable SageThumbs to use the Windows Image/Fax Viewer and make file associations.

SageThumbs is an ideal choice for anyone working with a variety of image formats. This handy application offers you multiple viewing options and it can also perform conversion. SageThumbs needs a low amount of system resources to function and it does its job error-free.

Changes in SageThumbs

- Added Greek translation (by Chris Tsekouras)
- Improved silent install
- Setup built by new NSIS v.3
Print SageThumbs pictures/screenshots/thumb/sagethumbs_2.jpg

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