Subtitles Translator 1.72

Updated: 16 Dec 2010

Subtitles Translator helps users to translate subtitles in the MicroDVD format. It doesn’t do the actual translation for you, but instead it manages formatting by editing start and end frame numbers and by providing a wide range of many other options.
Subtitles Translator is a portable application, which means you don’t have to install it to your computer.

Instead, you just need to decompress the archive and to simply launch the executable file.

You will immediately notice a simple and compact interface, based on two panels: one for the original file and one for the translated subtitle.

One of the main advantages of Subtitles Translator is avoiding synchronization issues. Because the application enables line-by-line editing, the translation will never be delayed.

Subtitles Translator features a wide range of options and beginners may feel overwhelmed at the first sight. Nevertheless, Subtitles Translator is easy to use once you become more familiar with it.

This utility can do a lot for you: volume and playback speed control; support for basic MicroDVD formatting; cutting, copying and pasting several lines of subtitles; inserting, deleting, splitting and joining subtitle lines; allowing real-time editing as it displays subtitles under the video; redefining shortcuts for the commands; autosaving the project at specified intervals and tag support (marking lines you want to translate later).

Additionally, Subtitles Translator marks too long lines (you have to split the line in two) and too many lines in one subtitle (when the number of lines exceed the set limit).

Before installing Subtitles Translator to your computer, keep in mind that you are the actual translator. What this application does is helping you to create subtitle files and to offer formatting tools.
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