SubViewer is an awarded tool for synchronizing subtitles with your movies.
This utility comes in handy whenever you need to adjust your subtitle a bit or to synchronize the text with the video playback.

The application was released for the first time in 1999 by David Dolinski on his personal website, and it became popular when support for it was added to the DivX media player.

Even YouTube included support for this program in 2008, and existing videos could thus be retroactively subtitled.

SubViewer has been constantly improved and its last version supports a variety of media formats: AVI, MPE, MPEG, WMA, ASX, WAV, MOV, WMV, M2U, MP2 and MP3.

SUB is not the only subtitle format that SubViewer can handle; it also works with SRT, SSA, SMI, TXT, IDX and LRC.

Two options you can try with SubViewer in order to synchronize the subtitle with the video content are changing the frame rate and adding delay to the text.

Other features are adjusting the zoom level, changing the font color, displaying transparent subtitles, creating keyboard shortcuts, adjusting the volume and simply watching movies. Besides the text editor, SubViewer also contains an embedded Microsoft ActiveX Media Player that helps you coordinate captions.

The last versions of SubViewer were improved with support for loading multiple files at the same time, karaoke options, support for .lrc subtitle files and a feature causing the subtitle bar to enlarge automatically when the text is too large.

You don’t have to be an expert or to have extensive subtitle editing knowledge to work with SubViewer. This lightweight tool is very friendly with all user categories and it will help you synchronize your subtitle in no time. Now you can lean back and enjoy your movie!

- SubViewer installer will ask you to update the software to version 4.0.6
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