VidePub helps you eliminate commercials from TV recordings fast and easy. The video formats supported by this application are MPEG-2 TS and H.264 TS.
The method used by VidePub is eliminating sequences which do not contain the channel logo.

TV channels usually display their logo during programs or films, and remove it when they broadcast commercials.

By eliminating video portions without the logo, you should enjoy a commercial-free recording.

Aside from the automatic commercial removal feature, you can also select desired sequences manually and choose the exact portions you want to remove.

The input format is preserved, as no re-encoding process is performed, which makes VidePub fast and easy to use.

The VidePub pack contains the installer, a ReadMe file, and a user manual. There is also a French version of the user manual.

The last version of VidePub, 1.6, was improved with several new functionalities:

- New function allows to copy/paste segments in/from text format,...
- New parameter to search segments where logo is missing,
- This parameter and margins are now saved with logos
- Commmand line arguments to load a file, create segments manually or detect them, and save results.
- GUI improvements :
* a splitter bar allows to resize segments list
* new icons, menus, shortcuts and toolbars
* a thin line shows current position in timeline
- All timings and moving functions has been improved and redesigned
- Algorithm improvements

Older versions of VidePub were improved with a close menu, displaying file name in the status bar, added help file and menu, file name being displayed for each saved segment, and the ability to zoom or un-zoom the display. VidePub runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

VidePub is a smart tool enabling you to remove TV commercials with very little effort, in case commercial sequences lack the channel logo, and also to manually specify the portions you want to eliminate. Due to its straightforward interface and user manual, this utility is recommended to all categories of users.
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