Virtual CloneDrive emulates a physical CD/DVD drive and allows you to mount and unmount images.
It offers support for the most popular formats: ISO, IMG, BIN, UDF, CCD and DVD.

Image files generated with CloneDVD or CloneCD can be mounted onto a virtual drive from your hard-disk or from a network drive and used in the same manner as inserting them into a normal CD/DVD drive.

Mounting ISO files virtually is like adding an extra DVD drive to your machine but in fact this drive exists only virtually on your desktop.

This kind of software also allows you to create image files that can be added to the virtual drive and be used like any DVD.

Virtual CloneDrive supports up to 8 virtual drives at the same time. Additionally, it is easy to use; you just have to do a double click on an image file in order to mount it as a drive.

If you want to unmount the image, just use a single right click. Drives created with Virtual CloneDrive have a specific application icon which allows you to identify them easily.

The application is extremely simple, and the interface is basic and intuitive. Its main advantage is the fact that it comes completely free, without any costs involved. Moreover, Virtual CloneDrive is being improved constantly.

The last version offers support for image playback with Corel WinDVD and uses storport driver for Windows 7 and later.

You don’t even need to open the main window of Virtual CloneDrive in order to use it. All actions can be performed via Windows Explorer.

Its only limitation seems to be the way it works in Windows Vista, where the first mount works just fine, while on the second you may encounter some problems.

Virtual CloneDrive is worth giving it a try. It is lightweight, free and easy to use and it allows you to create and mount/unmount virtual images in no time.

Changes to Virtual CloneDrive 5.5.1:

- New: ElbyCDIO driver update
- New: Slightly reduced CPU load on Windows 8 or better
- Fix: Some UDF images could crash VCDmount
- Change: Windows 2000 is no longer supported
- Some minor changes and improvements

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