Users looking for a simple and effective way to organize and edit their photos should consider WildBit Viewer, a compact image viewing app featuring a slide show designer and basic editing options.
WildBit Viewer is suitable for any category of users due to its simple and intuitive layout; the program uses a file tree structure allowing you to view photo folders and search for certain items in your photo collection.

You can search for images based on their name, location, size, date, and other attributes.

WildBit Viewer supports more than 70 formats, including the most popular ones like JPEG, BMP, GIF, WMF, PCX, and PNG.

Besides locating and viewing images, you can explore right on the spot simple options like rotating images, entering full screen mode, zooming in and out, checking image info, and setting pictures as wallpaper. Favorite lists can also be created directly from within the Viewer section; you can load these lists later and view the same items again.

If you want to have access to some other basic editing tools, go to the software’s Editing section, from where you can use options like cropping, resizing, making annotations, adjusting colors, and applying effects.

Another feature that some users will find extremely helpful is Image Compare (placing images side by side in order to compare them).

In WildBit Viewer, images can be viewed within 176 different transition effects due to the build-in Slide Show feature. It even includes multi-monitor support allowing you to switch between two different monitors.

WildBit Viewer is a reliable image viewer suitable for the average user – it provides the most important management and editing options, uses a low amount of system resources, and has a good response time.
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