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QuickTime Alternative 1.66 Final
on 02 December 2005 , reviewed by: lantzn

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Hey guys Apple's QT Pro nag buttons are date sensitive and can be made to stop. Shut all programs, change the date on your computer to say 10 years ahead and reboot. Open QT and choose later on the nag dialog (you may have to keep the date changed until it nags you). Change your date back AFTER the nag dialog Later is chose and reboot. QT will no longer nag you. It's set to nag I think something like once a day so now it won't nag you until the day after the future date you chose.




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This is still in early development but I now use MPC renderer instead of madVR for watching HDR.
I use this splitter for more than 20 years.
cada vez que le doy a instalar se me cuelga el instalador, que puedo hacer?
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