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Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.7 beta
on 06 April 2021, reviewed by: mir_1000


You used to put a blue color to the buttons for this player, it was looking so gorgeous, please use that color again for the buttons.

Thanks in advance!


DSF/MFT Viewer 1.8
on 05 April 2021, reviewed by: teo


muy bueno.


AviDemux 2.7.8
on 24 March 2021, reviewed by: memex


i love this software for remuxing and mux.


ya lo use antes, buenisimo...


MeGUI 1.2924
on 21 February 2021, reviewed by: brvefsdc


The best subtitle encoding program. broken literary every time but still export best video quality.


Shutter Encoder 14.7
on 18 February 2021, reviewed by: Romain


J'aurais aimé connaitre ce logiciel plus tôt ! merci aux développeurs !


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.40203
on 08 February 2021, reviewed by: kobby


I'm in Ghana and this page has really helped me. I can now watch all my movies again. Thanks very much.


MPEG-2 Video Extension 1.0.22661
on 04 February 2021, reviewed by: JAMES




Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.6
on 03 February 2021, reviewed by: ed sez


MPC-BE Portable
Plays great on Win10.x64.
This new series, has fixed the issue of mpc-be.exe odd number plays bright and clear.
Thank You


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.40203
on 31 January 2021, reviewed by: Churly


Funciona a la perfección. mil gracias!


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.40203
on 30 January 2021, reviewed by: Shelton


I was on the brink of discarding all my HEVC encoded video when I came across your page. Man! just imagine Microsoft denying us this vital software tool and you came along to me that is magic.

I downloaded and installed it it's working on all my 4 media player like a charm.
Version 1.0.40203 is good for me. Thank you so much🎶😀❤️


FxSound 1.0.5
on 29 January 2021, reviewed by: Steve


Fu**ing nuts destroyed bluetooth headphones don't recommend it.


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.40203
on 28 January 2021, reviewed by: Sardar


Its great to have this extension but the version 40203 freezes netflix at 4k, so I installed version 31823 and now its working like a charm.



HEVC Video Extension 1.0.40203
on 26 January 2021, reviewed by: Good Person


Yes, not a purchase. This is the ethical business. my camera did not function, even though it was a Microsoft product.

Yea, my thoughts as well so, I downloaded this codec and works again fine. It is the long way around but that is all I can offer by way of support for the end of this unethical journey. have a great day :-) Gingy


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.40203
on 24 January 2021, reviewed by: Dez


Thanks alot. works great. is known also as All website reviews, graphics, design and logo are Copyright © 2004-2021