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This masterpiece does something which is rarely seen nowadays: IT CAN F**K UP A FRESH WinXP INSTALL completely just by installing it using the default settings.
"Clean uninstall including registry cleanup is a major feature" they say. However after uninstalling this "state of the art" pack and installing my favourite ACE MEGA CODECS Pack 6.03 (which is heavily outdated that's why I tried to find a replacement) surprise: ACE is not working as well... This m*f* screw up something.

gotta go to reinstall windows again...




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Worked fine on Win 10 64 bit, after downloading both the Image Extensions and the Video Extensions. Irfanview promptly opened the ...
MPC-BE 1.6.3.x64 Portable. TOP NOTCH! Says it all.
Thank you very much! Good days to you all, and best regards.
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