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Koepi's XviD Codec 1.1.3 final
on 22 March 2008 , reviewed by: slacker

# 1

Well...A good Codec indeed.
However, i noticed a stability issue - when playing a bit damaged video file (with some corrupted frames in it) and Codec faces one of these - it crashes my PC, instead of giving a player (WMP) error or just a distorted picture for a sec, which is a "standart" behaviour...
I have never encountered a PC crash, viewing a video file (even corrupted) before with other Codecs.
Despite this, i'm still using it - works completely fine with "healthy" videos.




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it works. Microsoft charges $0.99 for it.
Excellent. Besides it is free. Microsoft charges $0.99 for it.
VERRYYY IMPORTANTTT!!!!!!! If it doesn't work, go to Microsoft store and press on Library and update it :)
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