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Koepi's XviD Codec 1.1.3
on 22 April 2008 , reviewed by: Honeyko

# 1

1. AutoMKV w/XviD, BlindDeHalo (for anime) or LEM (for film) main filter, HybridFuPP HQ (for anime) or Lanczos (for film) resize filter, and SemiInsane (for anime) or DideesSixofNine.HVS (for film) cust. matrix.

2. Rip, with audio set to NONE, 1280x720 HD/Blue source to 720x576 (PAL standard), then open output file in MPEG4Modifier and convert to 1024x576 anamorphic.

3. Use DGindex to strip all AC3 audio tracks from source. Open audio files in AutoMKV (it can do that!), and process 5.1 to Lame DPLII 192kbps, 2.0 to Lame Stero 112kbps, and single-channels to Lame Mono 112kbps. Normalize or don't normalize to taste, depending upon volume of source, and whether or not PAL/NTSC fps needs to be corrected.*

*4. Many PALs of Hollywood and Japanese films are "tinny" (23.976 sped up to 25fps), and many American/Japanese NTSCs of European films are "croaky" (slowed down from 25fps). To fix: in AutoMKV: Advanced Profiles Edition > Assume FPS > (set to correct FPS). Change audio similarly in Advanced Audio ("!!!") settings. If there is a slight out-of-sync, open the output video in VirtualDubMod, then add audio in Streams tab, then Video > Frame Rate > Change so Match, then Save As > Direct Stream Copy.

5. Final mux everything in AVImuxGUI. (Rename the audio tracks here.)

....your output will be stunning.

And remember: CROP, you d**ned idiots!

You should probably cut-n-paste & save this handy little guide. You can also find my "XviD 100%" rips in the usual locations.




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