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Real Alternative 1.82
on 29 August 2008 , reviewed by: Michael Scott

# 1

First, my most sincere thanks to all of those who have built and promoted Real Alternative and QuickTime Alternative. Thank you...your work is deeply appreciated.

However, two small but important problems seem to have popped up with Real Alternative 1.82.

I finally pulled Apple QuickTime and installed QuickTime Alternative 2.6.0. Next, I installed Real Alternative 1.82 as an upgrade to Real Alternative 1.51.

Now, when I listen to ra/ram streams, each file/track takes upwards of 30 seconds to load. Under 1.51, 5-10 seconds is typical. There have been no changes made to my configurations other than those which accompany 1.82.

The second problem is that embedded MIDIs, which used to play on page load do not play at all. I am presently using Firefox 2 and don't want to upgrade to Firefox 3 until this issue sorts out.

Any ideas? Has anyone else noted either of these problems or have I inadvertently clobbered my configurations?




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